The Monastery 1, 2015

3 bowls:  14cm x 11cm // 13cm x 8cm // 13cm x 7cm

Totora wood 

Radiohead / Kid A, 2000 - Music 


[Sold - Private Collection]

I always loved making things with my hands. There is nothing like seeing something coming together in front of you. In my teenage years I would disappear into the shed and make giant holders for the ostrich eggs my parents had on their farm (ostriches, I know, a story for another time perhaps). 


One of the other great pleasures I get from making bowls is listening to music. This gives me real escape. I have provided the first album I listen to when I started making each of these collections. Maybe you haven't heard of the record, go check them out. 


My bowls have exhibited and sold around the world. Others I have gifted to very special friends. I can do commissioned pieces or you can just buy what hasn't already sold. 





The Monastery 2, 2015

2 bowls:  14cm x 16cm // 12cm x 14cm

Totora wood

Ghostface Killah / Apollo Kids, 2010 - Music 


[Sold, Private Collection]






One, 2015

Bowl:  13.5cm x 13.5cm

Totora wood

Steely Dan / Can't Buy A Thrill, 1972 - Music


[Gifted, private collection]





Loz, 2014

Bowl:  12.5cm x 10.5cm

Totora wood

Massive Attack / Mezzanine, 1998 - Music


[Gifted, private collection]


Holy Haus, 2015

4 bowls:  14cm x 16.5cm // 14cm x 13cm

                 14 cm  x 10.5cm // 13.5cm x 6.5cm


Totora wood

Beach House / Bloom, 2012 - Music


[Sold, Private Collection]



Sammy, 2014

Bowl:  13.5cm x 5.5cm

Totora wood

Radiohead / The King of Limbs, Live from the Basement, 2011 - Music 


[Gifted, private collection]


Quarters, 2014

Bowl:  27cm x 16cm 

Totora wood

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Specter at the Feast, 2013 - Music 


[Sold, private collection]





Family, 2015

4 Bowls:  11.5cm x 9.5cm // 10cm x 9cm 

                 11.75cm x 9cm // 11cm x 9.5cm


Pine wood

Phoenix / Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, 2009 - Music


$500 NZD


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